June 30, 2016

About Us: Arte de Casita

#CasadeAbuelosATX features art that has personal meaning for us.

Above the bed are posters for two iconic films: Old Yeller and The Searchers.

Available at allposters.com
Written by Texas native Fred Gibson, Old Yeller is set in the Hill Country from where Gibson hailed and is a childhood favorite of mine. His hometown, Mason, is about a two hour drive from Austin. We recommend eating at the Square Plate and exploring two stories worth of antiques and blue topaz jewelry at Mason Country Collectibles.  

The John Ford classic The Searchers is another movie I grew up on, raised by parents who adored Westerns. We even took a family pilgrimage to Monument Valley, which provided the picturesque scenery featured on the poster.

The cheerful chubby bird comes from local artist Mike Mitchell. It's a painted bunting - a rare sight in Brooklyn but not uncommon in the Hill Country! 

Available at sirmitchell.com
We've got more fauna in the form of two longhorns Gus and Woodrow. They are named after the main characters of Lonesome Dove, another classic book by a Texas author, and keep company with my mom, Sue, on the Rockin' RS Ranch

Photo by Sue Moak
Need another art fix during your stay? Here are some of my favorite spots:
✌ Sarah

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